The Linguist™ and KnowBuddy™

A grammatically disambiguated and logically formalized English sentence using Automata Linguist

With KnowBuddy and the Linguist, you can:

  • Master natural language and formal logic.
  • Automate business logic expressed in plain English.
  • Provide artificial intelligence with the knowledge it needs to think.

KnowBuddy and the Linguist have been used:

  • in deep question answering systems
  • to understand and comply with financial regulations
  • in educational technology that understands what it teaches

KnowBuddy performs natural language analysis and disambiguation beyond syntax to logical semantics and axiomatic knowledge.

  • Click here for a video showing the knowledge above being acquired
  • Click here for a presentation on breaking the knowledge acquisition bottleneck
  • Click here for a Vulcan report on knowledge acquisition for deep question answering

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KnowBuddy is available on-line at

The Linguist generates logic and automates reasoning using  description logic, logic programs, theorem proving systems, and other inference or business rule engines.

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Capturing and automating business logic and knowledge from natural English is much easier than using business ‘rule’ management systems (BRMS), such asOracle Policy Automation, IBM Operational Decision Manager, and others (e.g.,  SAP, Progress, Fair Isaac).  And the resulting logic can be translated into production rules, such as Haley Systems used to do for the most popular syntax.  We recommend more advanced reasoning technology, as discussed above, however.