2 Replies to “$50/hr for Ilog work?”

  1. I took a look at that and it’s seriously an insult. Anyone with the experience listed in the post is worth more than 50/hr. It amazes me to see recruiters listing openings with unrealistic demands.

  2. There are several possible reasons for posts like this…and I see them more and more often:

    1. The recruiter is at the bottom of the recruiting food chain without direct access to the client. Any candidate submitting to a recruiter like this is probably giving up 50-60% of the actual client rate since there are 2 or 3 companies between them and the client all taking their cut.

    2. The client is an offshore outsourcing company doing on-site work and need a cheap resource to meet the agreed offshore outsourcing rates or a company that agreed to project rates before finding out what rules people cost and now they are scrambling.

    3. There is a green card or H1B applicant already slated for this position. As part of the application process, the sponsor needs to prove that there were no qualified candidates for the position while still paying inline with US labor wage statistics (which are way below market for rules people). So, simply, the sponsor is counting on that no one will apply for the position, the deterrent being the low rate, but it will be presented to the labor office as there were no applicants with the needed qualifications and therefore the application should be granted.

    I am sure today’s lower rates are also a factor of the economy and companies counting on people being desperate for a job.

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