Recruiting: IBM Ilog vs. JBoss Drools

I received notice of a Victorian government position offering $106k, as follows, today:

BRMS Developer (WebSphere ILOG JRules)

You will have proven experience as a BRMS Developer within a Java/JEE environment using IBM‘s WebSphere ILOG JRules platform. You will have implementation experience using integration technologies (e.g. Web Services, JMS) and have the ability to liaise with and engage key stakeholders.  Ideally you will also have knowledge and/or exposure to IBM‘s WebSphere integration suite (including the MQ Series).

This got a reaction out of me since we’re looking for people (although emphasizing logic, semantics, and English rather than any particular engine).  At first, I thought it must be a Java job, but stakeholder engagement indicates this is a full-fledged knowledge engineering position.

$100k for anyone with strong, specific experience seems low.  For someone that can understand objectives and translate requirements into operational business logic, it seems lower.

I’m surprised there isn’t more of an Ilog premium, too.  JBoss Drools consultants can make more than this.

4 Replies to “Recruiting: IBM Ilog vs. JBoss Drools”

  1. this appears to be for an Australian company where the cost of living and salaries are different than in the US.

  2. In Australia, salaries for technical, non-management tier public servants are, as a general rule, lower than their private industry counterparts. I imagine what you are seeing is an ad for a permanent public service position. The disparity increases with the “seniority”/experience level of the position.
    On the other hand, contractors employed by government departments/authorities are paid competitive daily/hourly rates.

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